June 5, 2013

Oklahomans for the Arts Linked In Group

Soon after Oklahomans for the Arts kicked off in 2011, we established a LinkedIn group. We posted to it for awhile, but quickly, our social media efforts shifted almost exclusively to website management, blogging and Facebook.

But social networks are not created equal and they evolve dramatically over time. They are each unique in their own way and demand different kinds of content for different types of users. We've been really impressed by the growth and brand of LinkedIn, and starting today, we will be posting to our LinkedIn group more frequently. We currently have 28 members are we'd love for you to join.

We will be focusing almost exclusively on the role of arts and culture in Oklahoma's creative economy. We invite your links and discussion. This will not be a duplicate of our Facebook status updated, a mirror of which are shared on Twitter. This will be a place to share information about the economy and help each other get smart about the role arts and culture plays in bolstering and supporting the state.

Thank you in advance for your participation! Click here to join the Oklahomans for the Arts LinkedIn Group.

For more on the success of LinkedIn, read Why This Social Network Has Immense Growth Potential.