March 5, 2013

Important Update on House Bill 1430

Heritage Bridge: Steven Weitzman | Turner Turnpike
Today is an important day in the life of House Bill 1430, the bill that seeks to extend the existing moratorium on Oklahoma's Art in Public Places program until 2017.

The bill will be heard by members of the Calendar Committee later today. The committee will vote on whether or not the bill is sent to the full House of Representatives for a vote. A majority vote is required.

We have the support of some legislators on the committee, but are uncertain as to whether or not we have enough votes to keep the bill from advancing. If one of your state representatives serves on this committee, please contact him and her. Please take a moment to educate them about the Art in Public Places program and the value of public art in Oklahoma.

Quickly, here are some benefits of public art:
  • Educates the populace
  • Stimulates commerce
  • Increases cultural amenities that attract business
  • Builds Oklahoma's "edge" against other states with strong cultural offerings
  • Increases real estate value
  • Builds better citizens
  • Increases tourism
  • Increases foot traffic and walkability of communities
  • Creates cultural ambiance in the public square
  • Raises awareness of various functions and roles of state government by drawing peoples' attention to buildings and infrastructure

Please follow Oklahomans for the Arts on Instagram at @OK4theArts. We post pictures and information about the legislative process every time we're at the capitol. This is part of our effort to demystify the legislative process for arts advocates.