January 30, 2013

HB 1895 to defund state arts council appears dead

Oklahoma State Capitol | January 2013

House Bill 1895, which proposed eliminating all funding to the Oklahoma Arts Council by 2017, won't advance this year, according to Rep. Josh Cockroft, the bill's author.

Cockroft (R-Tecumseh) said H.B. 1895 has been assigned to the House Rules Committee, where it is unlikely to get a hearing this year. For more information, please refer to Michael McNutt's story in The Oklahoman, Measure to cut Oklahoma arts funding won't advance, bill's author says.

100+ Hours
Over the last 10 days, the staff and board of directors of Oklahomans for the Arts staff have logged well over 100 hours working to defeat HB 1895. The outpouring of support on behalf of the Oklahoma Arts Council has come from every corner of the state. We've heard from mayors and city council persons; chambers of commerce and universities; arts organizations and artists; arts educators and students and you. The common, every day citizen advocating to their lawmakers wins the day every single time. You have been the most important person in this story.

Oklahoma State Capitol | January 29, 2013

Our challenge is not over. We must continue to work to ensure that current funding to the Oklahoma Arts Council is not cut this legislative session, and that the organization's appropriation, as well as arts education, is expanded in the future. As such, OFTA will continue to advocate to elected officials and organize broad based public support for public funding for the arts. 

Thank you for all you did; for your voice and for your commitment. We needed you, and we will need you in the future.