December 26, 2012

OFTA Membership Special!

The world did not end!

To celebrate, Oklahomans for the Arts is running a new-members only membership special. New members can join for just $5 (FIVE BUCKS!) between now and January 2. Existing individual members may join for $25.

And, when you join for the first time, Oklahomans for the Arts will send you a FREE 8 x 10 of one of the following prints. Please indicate your preference on the form and be sure to include your mailing address.

Click here to join or renew now.

In 2011, everyone who attended the Oklahoma Arts Conference in Tulsa, received a complimentary membership in Oklahomans for the Arts. This did not apply to 2012 conference attendees. Tomorrow, OFTA will be distribute invoices to all those 2011 attendees along with a window cling of our logo. If you're not sure whether or not you're a member consult the list below. We've featured first names and last initials only.

We don't want anyone to be surprised if they receive an invoice. This is not a bill. It is an invitation to continue your membership in OFTA. It's a reminder that we want and need your support. We are a membership-based organization and your involvement is vital to our success. Our mission is very simple. We work to increase support for public funding for the arts. This funding is distributed by the Oklahoma Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts to the arts and cultural organizations that make Oklahoma great! 

The invoices are also necessary paperwork for those of you who need documentation for employers covering memberships. 

We appreciate everyone who supported OFTA in 2012. We look forward to another year together supporting public funding for the arts!

Click here to join or renew now.

Mark your calendar for Arts Day at the Capitol, May 8, 2013. 
Chalk Art by Bobby Marsee | Plaza District, OKC

Thunder Graffiti | Graffiti Zone | OKC

The following individuals received complimentary membership in OFTA in October 2011. If you joined before or after that, you will be invoiced on or about 12-months after the date your membership became effective. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us,

Alex D.

Allison R.

Alyson M.

Amber C.

Amber C.

Amber S.

Amber T.

Amena B.

Amy N.

Amy Y.

Angela C.

Angela H.

Angela W.

Anita A.

Annetta F.

Annie M.

Arden C.

Arien C.

Arif S.

Asia S.

Audra H.

Audrey B.

Austin P.

Bart D.

Becky C.

Ben H.

Beverly W.

Billie Sue T.

Billie W.

Bob S.

Brannyn M.

Brena M.

Brenda G.

Brenda S.

Bridget F.

Bryan C.

Bryan H.

Candace C.

Carolyn T.

Caryl M.

Caryn B.

Catherine M.

Cathy C.

Cathy W.

Celia G.

Chad O.

Chris O.

Chris R.

Christina F.

Cindy S.

Cliff M.

Cristen S.

Cynthia K.

Dana C.

Dana M.

Danny D.

Danyel S.

Debbie S.

Deborah  B.

Deborah B.

Deborah B.

Deborah B.

Deborah H.

Dianna B.

Donetta J.

Donna T.

Doris H.

Douglas H.

Douglas E.

Edward D

Emily T.

Eric W.

Erin C.

Erin M.

Erin W.

Erinn G.

Frances H.

Frances P.

Galyn H.

George R.

Gilbert M.

Ginger T.

Glenda S.

Glenda S.

Greg T.

Greg W.

Gregory A.

Hannah M.

Hannah R.

Henry M.

Holbrook L.

Holly G

Holly W.

Ines B.

Irmgard G.

Jackie S.

Jana R.

Jancy P.

Jane L.

Janice F.

Jean F.

Jeannette S.

Jennifer A.

Jennifer B.

Jennifer S.

Jeremy Z.

Jessica H.

Jessica V.

Jesus V.

Jim C.

Jo Beth F.

Joel G.

Joey F.

John J .

John K.

John W.

Jonita M.

Josh L.

Joshua M.

Judy A.

Judy R.

Julia K.

Julia S.

Julie M

Julie T.

Justin F.

Kamille P.

Karen C.

Kari B.

Kari D.

Karyn M.

Kate R.

Kathleen C.

Kathryn M.

Kathy M.

Kathy R.

Katie D.

Kayla W.

Keith J.

Kelley R

Kelsey K.

Ken B.

Kenneth K .

Kevin S.

Kim B.

Kim H.

Kim M.

Kim W.

Kimberly K.

Kip W.

Kitty R.

Kristen V.

Krystal H.

Lance M.

Lanette C.

Larry N.

Latasha W.

Laura R.

Lauren Z.

Laurette W.

Leila L.

Linda B.

Linda C.

Lindsey P.

Liz R.

Liz W.

Maegen N.

Manuel P.

Margaret S.

Margee A.

Marilyn A.

Marjorie B.

Mark B.

Martha M.

Mary Ann H.

Mary M.

Mary R.

Maybelle W.

Meleia W.

Melissa C.

Michael E.

Michelle D.

Michelle M.

Mickel Y.

Mike M.

Miriam C.

Molly O.

Monty H.

Myra C.

Nance D.

Nancy H.

Nancy P.

Natalie S.

Oscar R.

Pam M.

Paula M.

Peggy P.

Peter D.

Rachel R.

Raychel W.

Richard H.

Romy O.

Ron P.

Ruby L.

Ruth R.

Ryan S

Sally B.

Sandy S.

Sara C.

Sarah A.

Sarah H.

Sarah W.

Savannah M.

Scott B.

Scott C.

Shane J.

Shannon H.

Shari R.

Sharon A.

Shelley L.

Sheri I.

Sherri  D.

Sherry W.

Shirley E.

ShIronbutterfly R.

Shunsuke M.

Stan C.

Stephanie L.

Stephanie W.

Stephen K.

Susan B.

Susan C.

Susan P.

Suzanne B.

Suzanne H.

Todd C.

Tom S.

Tonya K.

Tonya R.

Travis K.

Trina J.

Van F.

Vickie H.

Wanda H.

Warren H.

Willie S.

Wilson D.

Zach R.