December 19, 2012

2013 Arts Journalism Internship

According to Americans for the Arts, arts journalism and arts criticism are in serious decline in most American communities. While many local arts agencies are actively engaged in arts marketing initiatives, only a handful are actively involved in partnerships and collaborations to explore new models of arts journalism.

In addition, public funding for the arts is under unprecedented fire despite numerous studies illustrating measureable economic impact to rural and urban communities alike. 

Oklahomans for the Arts, an advocacy organization for public funding for the arts, is launching a nationwide search for an undergraduate or graduate journalism student for a spring 2013 Arts Journalism Internship. The intern must have a strong primary interest in culture and arts and a strong secondary interest in one or more of the following:

    Economics, Political Advocacy, Urban and/or Rural Studies, Education or Social Justice

The intern will act as a reporter for Oklahomans for the Arts and will contribute content to the organization's website and blog. Stories warranting greater exposure will be marketed in advance of publication to statewide and/or national media contacts.

The intern may telecommute as part of the work schedule, which will include regular emails and/or text messages and at least two weekly phone conferences with the executive director.

The intern will receive byline credit for all work. Articles may be disseminated to our 3,900 subscriber list. 


Produce one 500-word blog post per week. May include general and breaking news items, interviews, features, research, etc.

Produce three in-depth feature stories that explore the link between Oklahoma arts and the economy. Story deadlines are February 15; March 15 and April 15.
The internship is unpaid, but the director will work with colleges and universities to arrange for credit. A stipend of $250 will be paid upon successful completion of the internship (May 2013). This is intended to assist with possible expenses occurred in communication and telecommunication.

The executive director looks forward to working closely with the intern and will provide mentoring in new media, public relations, advocacy, lobbying, radio commentary, blogging and social networking.

Skills Required
    Exceptional Work Ethic | Strong and Compelling Writing
    Interviewing Skill, Research and Data Collection
    Ability and Resources for Telecommuting

Preference will be given to applicants who possess a 3.0 or higher GPA in their last 60 hours of college work.
Application Process

Deadline is January 10.  Email a one-page letter highlighting qualifications, interest, future aspirations and two references including one academic. Send to: jennifer[at]oklahomansforthearts[dot]org.