November 2, 2012

Congressional Report Card on Arts Support: What Grade Did Oklahoma's U.S. Reps Receive?

Americans for the Arts Action Fund PAC give three of Oklahoma's U.S. Representatives a grade of on their 2012 report card indicating they are an "arts threat." Two representatives received Bs. 

On November 6, elections will be held for all 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, one-third of the Senate and the President of the United States. Once again, the country is in the midst of a historic campaign season that has seen the dynamics of electoral politics shaped not only by a dramatic series of global events and economic pressures, but also what seem to be nearly irreconcilable domestic policy divisions between Congress and the White House.

As the nation heads toward the ballot box this fall, the pace of the economic recovery, the looming expiration of tax cuts, and impending mandated spending reductions will be on the minds of every voter. How our elected officials respond to these challenges in an era marked by new alignments in priorities will certainly have an impact on the federal role for arts and culture.

Despite evidence that the arts generate economic activity, fuel innovation, and enrich communities, Congress funds the arts through the National Endowment for the Arts at a mere 47 cents per capita. This funding represents just 0.028 percent of non-military discretionary funding. As our leaders look to make the hard choices regarding the best use of limited federal resources, pro-arts voters have an opportunity to support candidates that understand the value of investment in the creative community.

Americans for the Arts Act Fund PAC has prepared the 2012 Congressional Arts Report Card as a one-stop guide that allows us and all stakeholders with an interest in the arts to make informed decisions at the ballot box. It contains metrics and analysis based on official congressional voting records, sponsorship of key arts legislation, and participation in the cultural caucuses.

View the full 2012 Congressional Arts Report Card to discover more stats, facts and the grading scale to help you make arts-informed decisions. 

Source: Americans for the Arts Action Fund PAC

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