November 11, 2012

Combat Paper Project Comes to Oklahoma

Today is Veterans's Day! Oklahomans for the Arts thanks all veterans for their service to our nation!

In the spirit of our warrior artists we wanted to pass along some information about a very special project, The Combat Paper Project, which underscores how the arts, specifically paper-making, assists veterans in reconciling and sharing their personal experiences. Read more below.

Combat Paper Project
The Seminole Nation Museum, Seminole Nation of Oklahoma, Seminole State College and Security State Bank have joined forces in support of Veteran’s Day to present The Combat Paper Project, an international, traveling art exhibition created by combat veterans and citizens, primarily those associated with Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Combat Paper Project has exhibited work all-over the United States, but never in Oklahoma.

The Project consists of three components: 
The Combat Paper Art Exhibition, to open at the Seminole Nation Museum in Wewoka, on Saturday, November 10, during the 3rd Annual Seminole Nation, City of Wewoka Veteran’s Day Festivities.
A series of scholarly lectures focused on the history of “Arts, Military and Healing,” provided by Combat Paper curator and American Art Historian, Tara Tappert, Ph.D.
A 2-Day Combat Paper Art Workshop, hosted by Seminole State College in the Enoch Kelly Haney Center, and conducted by Artist and Instructor, John La Falce. The Seminole State College event begins Monday, November 12, (the observed Federal Holiday) from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.; and Tuesday, November 13, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Oklahoma Veterans from all branches of military service are invited and encouraged to view the exhibition, attend lectures in Wewoka and Seminole and participate in the Combat Paper Workshop.

During the workshops, military uniforms (and significant paper memorabilia) are literally whipped into Combat Paper Pulp from which canvasses of meaningful art are created. Later, they are shown all over the world.

The Workshop is a venue for veterans of war, and others, to come together, processing life-altering experiences through the making of art. They join others who have shared similar paths. It is a way of acknowledging, recognizing and celebrating the tradition of service.

The Combat Paper Project is part of the 3rd Annual Seminole Nation, City of Wewoka Veteran’s Day Parade and Festivities.

For more information, please contact Robin Brooks, Project Director and Public Affairs Counsel, at (760) 408-3762; Lana Reynolds, Vice President for Institutional Advancement at Seminole State College at (405) 382-9218; or Richard Ellwanger, Executive Director at the Seminole Nation Museum: (405) 257-5580. For additional background, visit