October 3, 2012

Six Reasons To Attend the Oklahoma Arts Conference

As we prepare for this year's Oklahoma Arts Conference in Oklahoma City, October 23-24, please review the following six reasons you should attend.

The conference is a place for you to connect with the professional, Oklahoma arts community, and engross yourself in a setting of like-minded people sharing best practices and their lives. You'll have exposure to unique information and interests that can inspire new ideas and enhance your career and arts organization. You'll meet people you don't know, exchange business cards, connect with old friends and grow your network.

Stay Current
The Oklahoma Arts Conference happens just once a year. Attending it gives you a chance to stay informed on current issues in the arts and ways the industry is growing and changing. Attending a professional conference is also one of the easiest, most economical ways to obtain continuing professional education.

Enrich Your Life and Organization
One of the most effective ways to learn is from by learning about the experiences of others. The Oklahoma Arts Conference features quality presentations and panels that will enhance your professional and personal development.

This year’s conference is filled with scads of insights and common-sense applications you can take home and put into practice. Attend Ramona Baker's presentation on the characteristics of dynamic arts managers or learn about artist career development from expert Jeri Goldstein. Take a tour of the Plaza District or network at the opening reception at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. Attend a panel discussion about arts and music festivals, advocacy or artists statements. Participate in the innovation idea exchange or the interactive photo booth project by Oklahoma City artist Romy Owens.

Check out the full schedule here. 

Renew Your Passion
Spending time with people who are engaged in the arts while talking business, creativity and strategy will help renew your passion for your work and career. In addition, learning new things is always exciting and inspiring.

Enjoy Oklahoma City
Make memories by exploring Oklahoma City's creative districts such as Paseo, Film Row and Automobile Alley. Since you've already invested in the travel you might consider spending an extra day exploring the city. You might even consider doing it with a fellow conference attendee.

Support your Profession
Participating in arts conference events and activities is paramount to a thriving arts culture in Oklahoma. You have a responsibility to be knowledgeable about your profession, and to contribute to its advancement.

We hope to see you at the Oklahoma Arts Conference! 

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