August 21, 2012

Feature: liquidfish and the link between arts education and creative entrepreneurship

From left to right: Wendy Johnson, Cody Blake, Jennifer Armstrong, Billy Davis, Bryson Panas and Alicia Hugo.

Oklahomans for the Arts recently launched a new website designed by liquidfish, an Oklahoma City-based and internationally recognized creative marketing boutique. Given the creative nature of web design, the critical role websites play in all economic sectors and the extensive role arts education played in the professional development of the entire liquidfish staff, it seemed fitting and prudent to share more information about them on our blog. They provide significant validation for the connection between arts education, the creative economy and creative entrepreneurship.

Cody Blake, President of liquidfish, started developing websites 10 years ago. He launched liquidfish in 2005 while still a student at the University of Oklahoma. In addition to having expert knowledge in programming and API integration, as a kid he had extensive exposure to arts education. His mother is a longtime high school arts teacher, and growing up Blake learned to play an array of musical instruments. Blake made the initial contact with OFTA through the RFP bid process. We loved his presentation style and felt very confident in his leadership and the team he's assembled as we moved forward and with awarding the contract. 

Jennifer Armstrong serves as the Creative Director for liquidfish and was the lead designer on the OFTA site. Like Blake, she also benefited from access to arts education in school. She took many art classes in high school and attended Quartz Mountain art classes through the Oklahoma Arts Institute. She was also involved in tap, jazz and ballet as a youth.

Armstrong has a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from the University of Central Oklahoma. She has more than 12 years of graphic design experience and extensive experience in web and print design. She has won multiple Addy Awards and has been nationally recognized for design spreads and editorials. Armstrong had a clear understanding of OFTA's brand and we think she did a tremendous job communicating it visually.

Billy Davis is a full stack web developer. You can usually find him working diligently sculpting the magic that drives websites and custom applications. Billy graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design in 2007. He likes to push the envelope in order to help solve intricate business problems with robust, finely-calibrated and creative solutions. He was very helpful in providing OFTA access to the content management on our site. It's very easy to understand and update! Davis has also had long-time exposure to graphic design and design through development. 

Bryson Panas is a Senior Account Executive with liquidfish. He was great to work with and provided OFTA with excellent customer service and communication throughout the duration of the project. He was very responsive to our requests, often responding after hours. He was diligent and organized and we really appreciated that. We never felt like we were a "small customer," even though we know liquidfish has much larger clients.

Panas has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Entrepreneurship from the University of Oklahoma. He has 10 years of experience in information technology and graphic design. He has been involved in multiple for-profit and non-profit ventures and loves creative businesses that can impact the world for the better. He also spent five years working as a screen printer designer so he matches creative expertise with project management.

We didn't work with Wendy Johnson or Alicia Hugo on the website, but we interacted with them briefly during meetings at the company's Bricktown office. They reflected the culture of liquidfish during these meetings: creativity, excellence and customer focus. Johnson serves as the company's Social Media Director. She has degrees in communications and sports management from Southwestern Oklahoma University. She was also involved in drama during her high school years.

Hugo is a graphic designer at liquidfish. She has more than five years of experience and has also won multiple Addy Awards. She had extensive art classes in high school and college, and many music lessons as a youngster.

The team at liquidfish: Alicia Hugo, Bryson Panas, Jennifer Armstrong, Cody Blake, Wendy Johnson and Billy Davis

More About liquidfish
Founded in 2005, liquidfish, has grown from a small web design studio to a full-service creative marketing boutique serving clients nationwide. Creative directors, designers and an experienced crew have successfully served clients in almost every industry including construction, law, health and fitness, education, government, medical, retail, financial, real estate, and non-profit. liquidfish is focused on bringing the latest technologies to our clients that enable them to be seen and heard in a rapidly growing digital world. In its 50  years of combined experience, liquidfish has established a reputation of exceptional integrity, production quality and outstanding customer service. For more information, visit

 Funding for the Website

OFTA's website was made possible through a grant from the Kirkpatrick Family Fund.