August 1, 2012

Central OK Community Gathers for Art Study Findings

Last night, members of the Central Oklahoma community gathered to hear some of the results from a recent artist support study. The study was commissioned by the Cultural Development Corporation of Central Oklahoma.

Here are some of the recommendations highlighted in an information distributed at the event, which took place in Oklahoma City's Plaza District.

Let by Artists
-- Build a multi-disciplinary artist network
-- Conduct an annual artist summit
-- Pilot art sales program based on the Community Supported Art model
-- Recognize outstanding contributions by artists to the region

The event included a live dance performance | Dancer exists the Plaza Theater.
Organized by OKC Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs
-- Formalize neighborhood-based cultural economic development plans
-- Plan an institute a temporary event space program for artists in vacant storefronts
-- Establish a public art program to include local artists
-- Coordinate a master list of artist opportunities
-- Convene organizers of events and festivals to share knowledge and resources
-- Make public and privately-owned properties available as artist spaces

An authentic Central Oklahoma exercise | Jennifer Baker, Executive Director, and Nancy Coggins, Development/Marketing Director, Sooner Theater, Norman, Oklahoma, attended.
Coordinated by Cultural Development Corporation of Central OK
-- Clarify roles among arts service entities
-- Expand business skills training for artists
-- Build capacity among nonprofits for fiscal/project sponsorship
-- Strengthen partnerships and engagement with higher education resources
-- Provide artist fellowship in partnership with philanthropies
-- Evolve CDCOK into an economic development entity

Staff of the Oklahoma Arts Council also attended: Alyson Moses, Molly O'Connor and Meleia Williamson.