August 10, 2012

Alarming findings revealed in the 2012 National Arts Index

Yesterday, an article appeared in the Huffington Post, The Scandalous Failure of Art and Music. It cited findings from the 2012 National Arts Index, which provide 30 good reasons to join Oklahomans for the Arts TODAY. We must advocate for arts and culture in our state.

Boy in a Thunder jersey visits OKC's Paseo.
1. Annual arts, music and culture budgets for all arts institutions and education programs are down.
2. National audience attendance down.
3. Arts institution payrolls down.
4. Book sales down.
5. Musical instrument sales down.
6. Recording sales down.
7. Corporate arts funding down.
8. Overall nonprofit fundraising results down.
9. Government funding of arts and music down.
10. Number of employees in arts and music down.
11. Total number of arts, music and culture institutions still existing in America down.
12. Copyright applications down.
13. Personal expenditures on arts, music and culture down.
14. Number of volunteers in the arts down.
15. Public television viewing down.
16. Attendance at orchestra concerts down.
17. Attendance at operas down.
18. Attendance at ballet and dance events down.
19. Attendance at professional theater down.
20. Attendance at motion pictures down.
21. Attendance at art museums down.
22. Citations of arts or culture in bibliographic databases down.
23. Visual and performing arts as a percentage of all college degrees down.
24. Total number of employees working for arts, music and culture institutions down.
25. Arts, music and culture as a share of foundation funding down.
26. Arts, music and culture as a share of household discretionary spending down.
27. State art and music funding per capita down.
28. US share of creative goods traded down.
29. Return on assets for arts businesses down.
30. Nonprofit arts organizations operating in the black or with surpluses down.

Which one resonates with you the most?