July 25, 2012

Group Presents Findings of Oklahoma Artist Study

The Cultural Development Corporation of Central Oklahoma will present findings from a six-month study about arts and culture on Tuesday, July 31. The meeting is from 5:30-7 p.m., in the Lyric Theatre's Plaza Theater located on NW 16th Street east of Indiana Avenue.

Many artists actively work in Central Oklahoma, creating and sharing their art, educating and leading in the community. Looking at how to support artists further, the CDC partnered with Minnesota-based Creative Community Builders to examine strengths in service and opportunities for artists of all disciplines in central Oklahoma. This consisted of interviews and focus groups with 120 artists and art administrators, advocates and educators in the central Oklahoma area. The participants represented various art forms such as dance, theater, written word, visual arts, music and film, and ethnic backgrounds such as Native American and African American artists.

The preliminary strategies build upon strengths in the community while filling in gaps in crucial areas. Ideas include projects like
  • Expanding entrepreneurial skills training for artists
  • Establishing regular gatherings to connect neighborhoods and artists
  • Publicizing opportunities for artists. 
This is the first stage in the five-stage cultural plan adopted by the CDC in 2010 for the greater Oklahoma City area. The public is invited to participate in the process through an art-filled presentation.Highlights include music, performance, dance and visual art from local artists. 

“We know artists are an important part of our community, enriching our neighborhoods and advancing economic development. Central Oklahoma has proven that it has tremendous ability to foster and support artists of all art forms, and we want to continue doing so in ways that positively impact our communities,” said Julia Kirt, CDC board president. “We want this project to be a rewarding experience for everyone involved, and we want individuals and organizations to take an active role in ensuring that the results of this study are implemented in a way that provides real impact.“

For more information, contact Krystle Brewer, project coordinator for the CDC, at (405) 297-1741 or krystle.brewer@okc.gov.

About the Cultural Development Corporation

The Cultural Development Corporation is a nonprofit organization operationally administered by Allied Arts that was established to develop the arts in central Oklahoma through leadership, planning and research. Without a full-time staff, they function by reaching out to leaders in the community. By utilizing individuals with diverse disciplines and expertise, the CDC constructs innovative teams with the common goal of enriching Oklahoma’s culture. The two main functions of the CDC are to do an Economic Impact of Nonprofit Arts and Culture Organizations study and to create and implement a Cultural Plan. Both of these goals are done every three to five years.

In partnership with Allied Arts.