April 10, 2012

Artistic Rebuttal Book Project

April is National Arts Advocacy Month, and on April 30, Oklahoma arts and cultural organizations will participate in the first Arts Day at the Capitol! We have more than 30 organizations signed up to host tables/booths. We're hoping for at least 200 people to turn out that day to wall the halls and meet with their elected officials. This is a great opportunity to give Oklahoma legislators the information they need to make great decisions about the arts.


We want to share with everyone a wonderful arts advocacy project that has really taken flight. It's called the Artistic Rebuttal Book Project and it encourages people to speak up on behalf of the arts and the artists that make the world "more beautiful, welcoming and intelligent."

Here is an excerpt from the ARBP website:

"The project began in January 2011, on the day that I overheard a group of teens talking about how useless an art degree was on the Philadelphia Market/Frankford Line. Three sentences into the conversation and my blood was boiling. For the next couple hours, working in a theatre workshop covered in plaster dust while I painted thousands of bones to be smashed on stage with a mallet (Lantern Theater Company's A Skull in Connemara) and then after work, on the futon of a south Philly graphic designer who was equally as angered by the subway talk, I built the concept and logistics of asking everyone I knew to tell me why they make art and putting all their sentiments in book form that would ideally then be placed in organizations what had nothing to do with art. I did not want to preach to the choir, I wanted to convince those who were not already persuaded that artistic endeavors change lives, improve the economy and heal the soul."

Read more here.

Enter our contest to win a FREE download of the eBook (PDF) Artistic Rebuttal Book Project. Choose the version you want, regular or children's. Thanks for supporting public funding for the arts in Oklahoma!

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