April 18, 2012

5 Things Every Table/Booth Should Have at Arts Day at the Capitol

1. Handouts such as brochures and fact sheets about your organization.

2. Information about how public funding for the arts from the Oklahoma Arts Council impacts your organization.

3. Some kind of a treat, such as cookies, candy or popcorn.

4. A table cloth and table skirt for a 6-foot table. (Table and two chairs provided)

5. A memorable display. Here are some ideas:

Video playing of a performance, festival, arts event, etc.

Actual artists at work (we’ll have a small stage available, also)

Story or display boards or some kind of 3-D display like shapes, letters, photos, frames, etc.  Use your imagination!

Anything (within reason) that will attract elected officials and their executive assistants to your table. This might include a quick hands-on arts activity (like pipe cleaners, clay, etc. Again, use your imagination! 

Here are some recent pictures of Conservation Day at the Capitol to give you an idea of how these events work. Sorry for the low-quality images. These were taken with an iPad. Hopefully, they'll inspire you about all we can do to make our Arts Day at the Capitol inviting and effective!