February 2, 2012

School Board Candidate Survey Update

We wanted to provide a quick update on our School Board Candidate Survey. About 90 surveys were distributed to all candidates in Tulsa, Canadian, Oklahoma and Cleveland County. Unfortunately, we were not able to distribute in a timely fashion to candidates in Comanche County as previously announced.

So far, we have not received any completed surveys, but expect that we will receive several between now and election day, February 12.

Candidate surveys that focus on where potential decision makers stand on public investment in arts, culture and arts education is something brand new for Oklahoma. Never before have political candidates been asked to share where they stand on these issues; however, this is something voters who value public investment in arts and culture have a right to know.

Oklahomans for the Arts will continue the steady pursuit of this information through surveys. It's a project and mission that we share with state and local arts advocacy groups across the country. Arts for LA has been particularly successful in surveying local school board candidates, and we draw inspiration from them! We hope one day, our surveys will receive the same level of respect and participation their surveys receive. We all have to start somewhere, right?

If you know someone who is running for school board in Oklahoma, Tulsa, Cleveland or Canadian Counties, please point them to the survey below. They can fill it out right here. Thanks!

See the list of candidates we snail-mailed a link to our survey

Cleveland County
Gabriel M. Serrano
Soctt Milette
J. Rodney Barret
James Larrick
Maxie Punneo
Doug Northcutt
Larry Iovan
Dan Snell

Tulsa County
Leigh Goodson
Bruce Niemi
Ruth Ann Fate
Mike Mullins
R. Bo Naugle
Jackie Wagnon
Steven Majors
Wendell NOlan
Jon Phillips
Jana Oder
Patricia Pippin Ceska
Susan Ridenour
Tim Allen
Mechelle Beats
Patrick Coyle
Jeff Blair
Doug Woods
Rhonda Mills
Craig Crystal
Dwight Haworth
Jim W. Baker

Oklahoma County
Heather Miller
Melodi McWilliams
James Don Alsup
Carole J. Lehman
Daryl Crusoe
Sherri Maynard
Rocky B. Underwood
Antonia Jennings
John Robertson
Rodney D. Albee
Zachary S. Coldiron
Kathleen M. Duncan
Steven F. Roy
Paul R. Buddy Sanford, Jr.
David C. Wiegert
Gary W. Bell
Catherine Gottlieb
Venita Williams Hoover
Scott Smith
Eric Williams
Matt Mohr
Elizabeth A. Richards
Calvin Rees
E. Elaine Schuster
Tim Blanton
Mablelene Jackson
Fred A. Leibrock
Phil Horning
Patrick Gaines
Crystal Hodges
Laura A. Massenat
Mark Bledsoe
Jann Davenport

Canadian County
Robert E. Lee
Matt Uhr
Carol L. McKinley
Donna K. Ford
Leonard Wells
Randy Stanford
Jim Brown
Dona Zanotti
Kathleen Barnes
Bobby Williamson
Laura King-Reed
Michael Snyder
John A. Everett
Tasha Rodgers
Michael Keller
David L. Bilderback
Robin S. Trail
James F. Hardy
Jimmie Vickrey
Jay Adams
Kimberly Schmitz
Matthew D. Taylor