February 20, 2012

Children’s Museum being pitched as plan for saving Stage Center

Please click here to read a story about efforts to turn Oklahoma City's iconic stage center into a Children's Museum.

The project is the brain child of two Oklahoma City creative industry professionals, Tracey Zeeck, who works in PR, and Farooq Karim, an archiect.


Stage Center is representative of Brutalist architectures. A "tinker-toy masterpiece" designed by John M. Johansen, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright, it was constructed in 1970.

You gotta love all this color and concrete, and don't you know, kids totally dig it.

It is so exciting to see creative dreams take hold especially when they have the potential to boost cultural tourism and the creative economy.

Visit the new Facebook page for the Children's Museum of Oklahoma City. You can also follow the cause and project on Twitter.
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Hat tip: Lynne's Lens.