January 10, 2012

Request for Proposals: Web Redesign

REQUEST for PROPOSALS | Oklahomans for the Arts

Oklahomans for the Arts
With an emphasis on community organizing and grassroots mobilization, Oklahomans for the Arts is an arts advocacy organization working to create a healthy environment in which arts and culture may thrive and be accessible to all in Oklahoma.

Assignment Overview
Oklahomans for the Arts has secured a grant to redesign its website (www.oklahomansforthearts.org) and create an online portal to share tools and resources with arts advocates and supporters. We aim to establish an online and physical community to mobilize artists, policymakers/public officials, business owners, arts organizations, funders, students, educators and other community members to work together toward creating a healthy arts culture across Oklahoma.
Creating an inspired, interactive, and compelling online presence is essential to increasing awareness of and participation in our programs, adding to our growing community and encouraging involvement in our events. We are seeking a web design firm to redesign and create a website to provide people with a rich, interactive experience with our brand.
All responding agencies should address the following capabilities in their response: 
  • Building online communities
  • Advocacy tool integration
  • Social media integration
  • Creative execution

Key Objectives
Using the website as a communications vehicle, Oklahomans for the Arts aims to meet the following goals:

  1. Have website act as hub for self-sustaining arts advocacy teams.
  2. Increase number of addresses captured by 50 percent by February 2012.
  3. Create and maintain online network for arts community.
  4. Establish participation in policymaker surveys with 25 percent success rate by February 2013.
  5. Grow list of supporters to 5,000 within 2 years. 


Oklahomans for the Arts has allocated approximately $6,000 for this project. If your agency feels we cannot reasonably expect the work outlined to be done for that amount, please explain what would be achievable on our budget within your proposal, and provide your cost estimate to achieve our desired outcome.

Selection Criteria
The following selection criteria will be universally applied to all responding agencies. Each agency will be scored on each of the following criteria based on their RFP responses and demonstration of capabilities:

Online Community Building: Expert knowledge of and experience building online communities with the tools to self-manage.

Tool Integration: Expert knowledge of and experience integrating advocacy and fundraising tools into website.

Social Media Integration: Expert knowledge of and experience in creatively integrating social media channels into website in a user-friendly manner.

Sector Experience: Relevant experience creating sites for nonprofits, grassroots clients.

Grassroots: Experience leading national and/or localized movement-style campaigns.

Team: Level and experience of hands-on talent, creative and strategy.

Response Format

Section 1:
Agency Overview

Provide a brief overview of your agency and your agency’s capabilities.

Section 2:
‘Point of Differentiation’ Statement

We invite boutique firms, traditional media agencies, advertising agencies and independent consultants to respond to this RFP. In no more than 120 words, please detail why you are best positioned to handle this project.

Section 3:
Address Selection Criteria Capabilities
Corporate Values

We are looking for an agency that has an entrepreneurial spirit, pushes the envelope with their creativity, and demonstrates ‘small agency’ values in their client service. 

Online Communities
Detail your agency’s community building capabilities. 

Advocacy & Fundraising Tool Integration
Please address how you aim to integrate the organization’s fundraising and advocacy tools into the site. We are looking for both creative and user-friendly means to do so effectively.  

Social Media
Describe your familiarity and experience integrating social media channels into a single site.

Please address in the next section

Section 4:
Team Bios

List the biographies of all the team members who will be assigned to this project. Be sure to note who will act as the organization’s primary point of contact.

Section 5:
Relevant Client Experience

Detail three clients that you believe best parallel “the objectives” of this client. We are especially interested in grassroots outreach objectives and online communities with user-generated content. Please briefly explain the web strategy for these three clients and provide an example of the creative you have created. 

Section 6:
List 3 Client References

Name, title, company, address, phone, email and account/project worked on together.

Please send all submissions via hard copy, CD, DVD or flash drive to:

Jennifer James, APR
Oklahomans for the Arts, Inc.
PO Box 454
Oklahoma City, OK  73101



Due Date 

Q&A sessions offered for all participating agencies

January 23, as needed and by appointment only
Proposals due
Friday, January 27
Agency presentations
Wednesday, February 1
Agency selected
Friday, February 3
Target launch date
Monday, March 19

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