December 6, 2011

The End Is Totally Nigh Campaign: How You Can Help Create A Local Indie Comic

EDITOR'S NOTE: Oklahomans for the Arts, Inc., is a big believer in crowd-source funding sites. Defined as online threshold pledge systems, they can help creative projects garner the funds they need to make it to full fruition. We posted about Helpers Unite in October, and today, we're excited to host a guest post about crowdfunding via Kickstarter from Oklahoma City-based designer Kara Barrett. Barrett who is also a marketer and  comic book series writer, is using the site to generate support for her local indie comie.

Do you have a crowdfunding project that relates to Oklahoma's creative economy? Please let us know about it!

The End Is Totally Nigh Campaign: How You Can Help Create A Local Indie Comic

by Kara Barrett

Hey readers, how would you like to help support the creation of a local indie comic book?

Oklahoma female comic creator Kara Barrett has launched a Kickstarter project for issue #1 of her comic series, The End Is Totally Nigh.

It's a girl-meets-apocalypse story filled with demon hordes, quippy banter and more than a few bumpy twists and turns. The End Is Totally Nigh centers around a girl who discovers she suddenly has an unusual ability - the power to exorcise demons. But it won't be long before she discovers her demon knack is not quite what it seems.

Contributors will receive cool reward incentives based on the amount they pledge. Rewards range from printed copies of the comic book, t-shirts, limited edition color prints of the artwork to illustrated cameos in the book!

The story promises lots of action and some pretty cool artwork. To find out more about the project and make your pledge just visit the official Kickstarter page.

Read more details about Kickstarter in a how-to post on crowd-source funding on this local, Oklahoma City blog.

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