December 5, 2011

Deadline for Leadership Arts Applications Nearing

English: Iron Latch Cottage in Selsey, Sussex,...Historic Medicine Park is the site of one four Leadership Arts training sessions. Image via WikipediaThe deadline to get your application in for the 2012 Leadership Arts is just 10 days away. Applications are due to the Oklahoma Arts Council by December 15.

Leadership Arts is a statewide program that  helps further educate Oklahoma's foremost and up and coming arts leaders on the role of the art in community and economic development; education and quality of life.

2012 Leadership Arts session dates:
February 22 & 23 - Quartz Mountain (education)
March 21 & 22 - Norman (economic development)
April 18 & 19 - Medicine Park (quality of life)
May 16 & 17 - Tulsa (public policy, advocacy, community arts centers)

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