November 7, 2011

One Year From Today

One year from today, millions of Americans all across the nation will visit their designated polling sites (November 7, 2012). Also, four months from today (minus a day) the 53rd Oklahoma Legislature (second session) will begin  (February 6, 2012).

Now is a great time to begin learning more and more about what it means to be an advocate for public funding for the arts. While the planet may be partisan, we must strive hard to promote the arts as a nonpartisan issue. Many Donkeys and Elephants share this conviction!

The numbers tell the story best. Every dollar of taxpayer revenue allocated to arts, culture and arts education in Oklahoma generates $8 in economic activity in our state. It's time to embrace the resources allocated to public funding for the arts as investments that advance Oklahoma's economic goals.


Speaking of next year, here's a quick, fun video from the Oklahoma City Arts Council promoting Oklahoma City's New Year's Eve Celebration, December 31, 2011/January 1, 2012. Enjoy!