October 3, 2011

Oklahoma Senate District 43 Candidate responds to survey

Oklahomans for the Arts is pleased to release survey results from our fall 2011 Oklahoma Senate District 43 survey. 

This is the first time Oklahoma candidates have been surveyed about their positions on the arts and public funding for the arts in Oklahoma. These resposnes are from Kenneth Meador. We are still awaiting a response from the other candidate. When and if we receive it, we will post it here. 

1. What was the most meaningful arts and cultural experience you had growing up?

I was a participant in band at my elementary and high school. I also had the chance to participate in a local community band. While I have fallen away from music in order to pursue my career this still remains one of my most vibrant and positive memories.

2. What do you believe the role of state government should be in the development and support of Oklahoma's cultural infrastructure?

We should encourage and support the development of Oklahoma's cultural infrastructure.

3. How would you champion modifications to, or expansion of, the State of Oklahoma's annual appropriations for arts and culture?

Unfortunately, I am not currently aware what the annual appropriations are. So, after review I would have to make that decision.

4. What three things would you do to deepen the State of Oklahoma's investment in its creative economy (cultural tourism, indirect and direct jobs, nonprofit and for-profit)? 

Pursue arts related jobs whenever possible. Work with local leaders to find new and innovative ways to bring the arts to our local communities. Keep the arts in our schools wherever and whenever possible. 

Surveying candidates provides them an opportunity to articulate their awareness and support of arts and culture and arts education. While this is the first time OFTA has surveyed candidates, it won't be the last. In the future we will conduct surveys statewide of candidates for school boards, city councils, Oklahoma legislature, Congress and more. 
Is there a question you want us to ask future candidates? Please let us know. What do you think of Meador's responses? 

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 Many thanks to Kenneth Meador for responding to our survey.