October 5, 2011

Public Art Makes City Memorable, Garners Major Coverage

It's no small feat for a subject like public art to garner widespread coverage in major newspapers like USA Today or on major news sites like the Huffington Post. But, thanks to a 56-foot-long aluminum red hare (rabbit) leaping into a suitcase, that is exactly what Sacramento and Sacramento International Airport has done.

From the news release:
Sacramento International Airport is scheduled to open a $1 billion terminal Thursday, replacing a structure that is four decades old with a building that is designed to be a striking entrance to California's capital region.

The $6 million in public art includes a distinctive centerpiece that is certain to generate attention, a suspended-in-air, 56-foot-long aluminum red hare leaping into a suitcase that dominates the glass-and-steel entryway.

"People will remember this airport," said construction worker Monique Hawn.

In terms of boarded passengers, the airport is the 39th busiest in the nation. By comparison, Oklahoma City is the 68th busiest and Tulsa, the 73rd busiest (Bureau of Transportation Statistics).

The blog, Stuck in the Airport, has featured some cool images of the Sacramento airport's artwork. Check it out!

Earlier this year, the Oklahoma legislature voted to place a moratorium on the popular and highly successful Art in Public Places program. We blogged about it here.