September 4, 2011

Kansas Governor feels chill from arts community at opening of KC Ballet

Bollender Center Grand Opening Event | Kansas City Ballet
Governor Sam Brownback is feeling a cold chill from Kansas arts organizations, a mood he created when he abolished the Kansas Arts Commission earlier this year.

KC Ballet | Grand Opening August 26, 2011
The Kansas City Star has highlighted the governor's now-icy relationships with artists and arts organizations in an article about the opening of the Kansas City Ballet's new facility. Here is an excerpt:

"As you would expect, elected representatives — including Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon and U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver — sent emissaries bearing proclamations. But eyebrows arched at the introduction of David Kensinger, chief of staff to Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback, the man who defunded the Kansas Arts Commission...

"...Brownback is viewed as the enemy by arts supporters in Kansas City and across Kansas, which became the first state in the country away with its state arts agency..."

Could this be a cautionary tale for all elected officials? 
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Pictures courtesy Kansas City Ballet, Flickr. All Rights Reserved