July 19, 2011

Monday at the Barbican

With public funding for the arts largely under attack across the United States, Canada and Europe, on Monday, a national debate on the social benefits of the arts kicked off at the Barbican. The facility is the largest performing arts venue in Europe.

Gerald Lemos, a partner at Lemos & Crane Social Researchers presented his findings to an eminent audience of funders, commissioners and practitioners arguing "Why the Arts Make a Difference." While the report focuses on the arts in England, and primarily in London, it will be of particular interest to anyone interested in the social benefits of the arts and the positive impact of the arts on vulnerable people.

Interestingly, the research was made possible through the City of London's City Bridge Trust.

Read the report in both its shortened and full versions here:

The Arts Case: Why the arts make a difference (20 Pages)
Create-ability: The changing meaning of art and artistry (58 Pages)

Hat Tip: The Guardian's Public Leaders Network