June 30, 2011

Oklahoma's New and Emerging Arts Leaders (ONEAL) meets tonight in OKC

Oklahomans for the Arts will have an opportunity tonight to meet with Oklahoma's new and emerging arts leaders. An ONEAL Deal is scheduled for 5:30 p.m., Broadway Theatre, Oklahoma City.

We're looking forward to sharing information on how members of this amazing group of young arts leaders can become involved in political advocacy efforts to support the arts in communities across Oklahoma.

In 2008, the Oklahoma Arts Council and Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition helped launch the ONEAL network to better serve Oklahoma’s new and emerging arts leaders. While fostered and supported by the Oklahoma Arts Council, ONEAL is a free, independent statewide network for arts leaders age 35 and under or those that have less than five years of experience in arts administration or the business of arts. The network provides peer support and resources for Oklahoma’s new and emerging arts leaders, whom represent the next wave of leadership for the arts in Oklahoma. The ONEAL Network is recognized as one of American for the Arts Emerging Leaders Networks.

For questions, please contact Molly O’Connor, (405) 521-2025.

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