June 24, 2011

Dutch arts supporters protest in the streets with colorful smoke, "artbombs"

Colorful smoke filled streets throughout The Netherlands today as Dutch supporters of public funding for the arts protested a 40 percent government cut in all their cultural funding. The action demonstrates that the tenuous nature of public funding for the arts is not just in the United States, but across Europe as well.

From the news release:

"This will result in the disappearance of a multitude of organizations that excel internationally in their field. This loss will be felt not only by the Dutch public but by the international community.

"One signal, one moment, one act to show support. You can contribute visual ammunition against the disproportionate cuts to the arts budget. This visible intervention will rise up around the world where people value the arts and want to express their support for artists and cultural organizations.

"Everybody who joins the ARTBOMB intervention will become part of this chain reaction and is invited to upload the photos and films of their own intervention to the website www.artbomb.nl as a token of solidarity and a symbol of strength."

What do you think of this guerilla marketing/publicity tactic? Would you ever attend a demonstration to protest against government cuts to public funding for the arts?