June 27, 2011

Creative Industries Minute: Louisville and Zealous Flying Effects

Photo Courtesy ZFX

One of the most important ways we can bolster support for the arts, including contined investment from the public sector, is to increase public awareness about the success and economic potential of the creative industries.

Defining the Creative Industries
(SOURCE: Americans for the Arts)
"We have taken a conservative approach to defining the Creative Industries by focusing solely on businesses involved in the production or distribution of the arts. For the purposes of this study, the Creative Industries are composed of arts-centric businesses that range from nonprofit museums, symphonies, and theaters to for-profit film, architecture, and advertising companies. We have guarded against overstatement of the sector by excluding industries such as computer programming and scientific research—both creative, but not focused on the arts..."
Zealous Flying Effects

Chances are you've never heard of ZFX, a company founded in 1994 that specializes in equipping and training people to fly in community theatrical productions as well as Broadway hits like Wicked. They have 50 full-time employees including flying directors, choreographers, designers and performers, and they are considered the best in the business.

In 2006, ZFX decided to move to Louisville, Kentucky. They were looking for a place to grow where land was cheap and freight costs to the east coat were more affordable.

When you think of arts-related businesses and employment in Oklahoma, what comes to mind?