May 20, 2011

U.S. House of Reps will consider terminating arts education Wednesday

Arizona Arts Commission image used in campaign for arts education: The Choice is Art.
The U.S. House of Representative's education subcommittee, chaired by Duncan Hunter (R-CA), seeks to terminate 43 federal education programs, which includes the Arts In Education program. This legislation is significant because it is not an annual appropriations bill, but a bill to permanently terminate these education programs as a part of the GOP plan to reauthorize the Elementary & Secondary Education Act (ESEA, or aka No Child Left Behind).

The committee is scheduled to hold votes on this legislation on Wednesday morning. Americans for the Arts is working with congressional staff to supply Members with talking points on the importance of arts education to students and the critical role this program has had in supporting arts education throughout the country. For more details, see this issue brief on arts ed appropriations and reauthorization fo

Oklahoma doesn't have any representatives on this committee, but we encourage citizens who support arts eductation in schools across Oklahoma to call their representative anyway. Register your opposition to HR 1891.

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