May 20, 2011

Preview: Wayne Coyne, Flaming Lips Art Gallery in Oklahoma City

Wayne Coyne, lead singer for the Flaming Lips, offers a sneak preview of his new Womb gallery in the following video. The gallery is located one block east of Broadway on 9th Street in Oklahoma City. It's part of historic Automobile Alley.

Chris Kanaly, a graffiti artist, did the painting on the outside of the building, which was once a garage for a tow-truck business.

Renowned Brooklyn street artist Maya Hayuk who is known the world over will paint the outside of the building.  

Hayuk is a first-generation Ukrainian-American muralist, painter, photographer, printmaker, musician and Barnstormer who maintains a full time, independent studio practice in Brooklyn, New York by way of San Francisco, Baltimore, Boston and Toronto. From her large-scale murals to small works on paper, her obsession with symmetry and nourishing color play out in what might be views from the Hubble Telescope, airbrushed nail art, Mexican woven blankets, Ukrainian Easter eggs, chandeliers, mandalas, rorschach tests and/or holograms. Embracing both sexuality and spirituality via symbolism evocative of radiantly woven geometries to the beckoning parted orifices of the body, her work evokes the process towards continuity and wholeness whose forces seem bent on maintaining the triumph of this love over evil.

Coyne, a world-famous rock star who lives in Oklahoma City, says he isn't quire sure what they'll call it, "an art space, a gallery space, a freak-out, happening space." 

No matter what they end up naming it, it's sure to drive commerce to the center of Automobile Alley. It's a perfect example of how the arts serve as an engine for economic development.

Way to go, Wayne and the Flaming Lips! And, let's not forget, the brilliant creative mind of Michele Martin-Coyne.

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